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The world at your feet 



The VirtuWalk is a haptic and safe treadmill for navigating in- and interacting with VR-worlds. The patented handlebar allows the user to walk around corners. You walk alone or together in the virtual world, seeing each other as avatars.


The applications are endless: gaming, architecture, simulation and much more, the only limit is your own imagination. The Virtuwalk can also be used as a walking aid for therapy.


our story

In 2015 two of the founders of VirtuWalk realized a remarkable product. A VR-treadmill on which people could walk as if they were blind, walking with a guide dog through the busiest street in Amsterdam. This treadmill was still analogue and guiding the user.

What if you could create a fully interactive treadmill to navigate freely in the virtual world?

This is the product we created, it was introduced in 2023: a fully haptic treadmill on which you can interactively, intuitively navigate in VR worlds. Meet The VirtuWalk



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